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Marico South East Asia Corporation

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Marico SEA is a member of Marico Limited, the leading multinational consumer products company within the Beauty and Wellness sector in 25 emerging markets with a turnover more than 1 billion USD global

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Giới thiệu Marico South East Asia Corporation - Nơi làm việc tốt nhất Việt Nam

  • Thuan Phat

    Thuan Phat

    Delicious Thuan Phat sauces and condiments bring you authentic taste that is better for health and bring joy to your family.Thuan Phat has more than 30 years of food expertise View more...

    11 recommendation

  • X-Men


    Launched in 2003, X-Men successfully paved the way for male-grooming market in Vietnam as the pioneer in perfumed shampoo for men. X-Men, the leading male grooming brand in View more...

    12 recommendation

  • X-Men For Boss

    X-Men For Boss

    Launched in 2005, X-Men for Boss is a premium male grooming range that empower men to succeed. With unique positioning, premium packaging & elegant European fragrance, X View more...

    3 recommendation

  • Botanika


    Marico South East Asia is known as one of the most successful MNC companies in Vietnam. We are Market leader in Male grooming with 2 strong brands (X-Men and X-Men for Boss). We View more...

  • Silk n Shine - Myanmar

    Silk n Shine - Myanmar

    Silk-n Shine, the most favorite hair coat brand in Myanmar offer a wide ranges of haircare products including hair coat, serum, hair mask and shampoo. Each products will bring View more...

  • Code 10 - Malaysia

    Code 10 - Malaysia

    Code 10, premium male grooming brand for style of success, offer diversified product range of hair styling & deo.Aiming to empower men to achieve success, Code 10 Hair View more...

    1 recommendation

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