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Marico SEA is a member of Marico Limited, the leading multinational consumer products company within the Beauty and Wellness sector in 25 emerging markets with a turnover more than 1 billion USD gl

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Thuan Phat

Thuan Phat

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Delicious Thuan Phat sauces and condiments bring you authentic taste that is better for health and bring joy to your family.

Thuan Phat has more than 30 years of food expertise, specializing in sauces and condiments made from natural ingredients by modern technology without adding artificial flavors. Therefore, its products are not only safe but also good for health Thuan Phat is a range of sauces and condiments catering to the Vietnamese palate. The portfolio includes satay, seasoning sauce, thai hot pot sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce, chilli sauce, fermented tofu, anchovy paste.

With a wide portfolio of products from traditional Fish sauce, naturally fermented Soy Sauce, and other sauces made from natural ingredients like Prepared Anchovy Sauce, Sate, Fermented Tofu and Hot Pot Sauce, Thuan Phat will satisfy your family’s passion for food.


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