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Marico South East Asia Corporation

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Marico SEA is a member of Marico Limited, the leading multinational consumer products company within the Beauty and Wellness sector in 25 emerging markets with a turnover more than 1 billion USD gl

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X-Men For Boss

X-Men For Boss

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Launched in 2005, X-Men for Boss is a premium male grooming range that empower men to succeed. With unique positioning, premium packaging & elegant European fragrance, X-Men for Boss is the perfect complement to affirm men’s style of success and gives them the confidence to make bold decisions in life.

In its latest campaign in 2020, the brand has challenged the traditional image of a Boss, normally perceived as someone who works towards his personal goals & pursues material success; and introduced a more inspiring vision: a real Boss will use his talents and influence to contribute back to society, bringing positive changes. Accordingly, true success has been redefined as creating meaningful values for others. This approach also captures the shift in mindset of new generations, as consumers nowadays are better educated, caring more about communal well-being, and hence seeking for brands with purposes. 


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